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10 Best Ayurvedic Medicine for Diabetes – Classical and patent

Last updated on: September 8th, 2017

Diabetes is described in Ayurveda under Prameha chapter. There are many Ayurvedic medicines available in the market for diabetes. These are two types - one is classical (shashtrokta) and other are proprietary (patent). Haridra, Meshashringi (Gurmar), Methika, Nimba, Jambu, Kataka etc. are single herbs which are found to be effective in decreasing blood sugar level. This post explains about best ayurvedic medicine for diabetes (especially for type 2 diabetes) which I experienced in my practice. I have selected 5 classical (shashtrokta) and 5 proprietary medicines for this list. These should be taken under Ayurveda doctor's supervision in combination with other medicines as required. As Ayurvedic medicines do not lower down blood sugar level instantly, it is recommended to take it along with allopathic medicines as per your doctor's advice. Also, it is found that Ayurvedic medicines have no effects in blood sugar level in few of the patients. Ayurvedic medicines can be taken as herbal supplement and rejuvenator along with allopathic medicines to reduce side effects of allopathic medicines. I have seen many patients with good controlled blood sugar level with allopathic medicines but they feel numbness and tingling over foot sole, weakness, sexual debility, burning sensation of feet and other diabetic complications. In such cases, Ayurvedic medicines are very useful to be taken along with their conventional medicines. Panchakarma Therapies are also recommended for detox and rejuvenation purposes.

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5 Best Ayurvedic Medicine for Diabetes (Classical)

  1. Nishakatakadi Kashayam
  2. Dhatrinishadi Churnam
  3. Dhanwantaram Ghritam
  4. Vasanta Kusumakara Rasa
  5. Chandraprabha Vati

5 Best Ayurvedic Medicine for Diabetes (Proprietary)

  1. Divya Madhunashini Vati (Divya Pharmacy)
  2. Amree Plus (Aimil Pharmaceuticals)
  3. Madhumeha Kusumakara Rasa (Sri Dhootapapeshwar Ltd)
  4. Baidyanath Madhumehari Granules
  5. BGR-34 (Aimil Pharmaceuticals)

Let's discuss these 10 best Ayurvedic medicine for diabetes in brief -

1. Nishakatakadi Kashayam - This is available in liquid or dry decoction form. I experienced this medicine as the best Ayurvedic hypoglycemic medicine, especially in Type 2 diabetes. It is good for pre-diabetes, diabetes and diabetic complications like neuropathy etc. Nisha Katakadi Kashayam is formulated based on traditional Kerala Ayurveda system. A Higher dose of this medicine may cause in the lower level of blood sugar level.

Ingredients of Nishakatakadi Kashayam - 

  • Nisha – Turmeric – Curcuma longa
  • Kataka – Clearing nut – Strychons potatorum
  • Paranti – Ixora coccinia
  • Lodhra – Symplocos racemosa
  • Amalaki – Emblica officinalis
  • Bhadrika – Aerva lanata
  • Mehari moola – Gymnema sylvestre
  • Usheera – Vetiveria zizanioides

The dosage of Nisha Katakadi Kashayam - 15 ml mixed with 60 ml lukewarm water twice a day 1 hour before breakfast and dinner.

2. Dhatri Nishadi Churnam - By its name it is clear that it is available in powder form. Dhatri Nishadi Churnam is good for diabetes and related issues. It controls an increase in blood sugar level and rejuvenates body by nourishing damaged tissues.

Dosage of Dhatri Nishadi Churnam - 5 gm twice a day with lukewarm water 1 hour before the meal.

3. Dhanwantaram Ghritam - It is a type of medicated ghee processed with herbs. It is available in liquid form or semisolid to solid in cold climatic conditions. Dhanwantaram Ghritam is one of the best Ayurvedic medicine for diabetes and associated conditions. It is found to be very effective in diabetic food, boils and carbuncles and other skin problems. It is also good in some stages of fistula in ano. As medicated ghee is the form of Ayurvedic medicine which passes the blood-brain barrier, it is very effective in diabetic neuropathy and paralysis.

The dosage of Dhanwantaram Ghritam- 5 to 10 gm once or twice a day with lukewarm milk before or after a meal (as directed by the physician according to condition).

4. Vasanta Kusumakara Rasa - In the list of 10 best Ayurvedic medicines for diabetes, Vasanta kusumakara Rasa (also spelt as Basant Kusumakar Ras) should come first due to its multi-system work. But I mentioned it in the fourth number because it does not lower down blood sugar level directly. It is available in the form of tablet or powder. It is used in diabetes, urinary problems, sexual debility, gynaecological problems, paralysis and other neurological problems.

Ingredients of Vasanta kusumakara rasa -

  • Hataka – Swarna Bhasma – Bhasma of Gold – 20 g
  • Chandra – Rajata Bhasma – Bhasma of Silver – 20 g
  • Vanga Bhasma – Tin Calx – 30 g
  • Ahi – Naga Bhasma – Lead Calx – 30 g
  • Loha Bhasma – Bhasma prepared from Iron – 30 g
  • Abhraka Bhasma – Purified and processed Mica – 40 g
  • Pravala Bhasma – Bhasma (Calx) of Coral – 40 g
  • Mukta Bhasma – Bhasma (Calx) of Pearl – 40 g

Quantity sufficient of following liquids for grinding -

  • Godugdha – Cow milk

Juice extract or water decoction of -

  • Ikshu – Sugarcane – Saccharum officinarum
  • Vasa – Malabar nut tree (root / whole plant) – Adhatoda vasica
  • Laksha – Laccifer lacca
  • Udeechya – Andropogan vetiveria
  • Kadali – Banana tree – Musa paradisiaca
  • Shatapatra – Lotus – Nelumbium speciosum
  • Malati – Jasminum grandiflorum
  • Mrigamada – Musk

Vasanta kusumakara rasa is indicated in all types of Prameha (urinary problem) including diabetes. It is also good medicine for diabetic neuropathy, diabetic nephropathy, diabetic retinopathy, sexual weakness caused due to diabetes and other complications of diabetes. Due to its multi system actions, it comes first in best ayurvedic medicine for diabetes.

The dosage of Vasanta Kusumakara Rasa - 120 mg to 250 mg once or twice a day 1hour before breakfast and dinner.

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4. Chandraprabha Vati - It is also one of the best ayurvedic medicine for diabetes prescribed by many Ayurveda doctors to a diabetic patient. This medicine does not lower down blood sugar level but helps to correct the metabolic activities of the internal systems mainly digestive, urinary, reproductive and neuromuscular system. It is generally used along with other Ayurvedic antidiabetic medicines.

Ingredients of Chandraprabha Vati - 

  • Chandraprabha or Karpura – Camphor – Cinnamomum camphora
  • Vacha – Acorus calamus
  • Musta – Nut grass (root) – Cyperus rotundus
  • Bhunimba – The Creat (whole plant) – Andrographis paniculata
  • Amruta – Indian Tinospora (stem) – Tinospora cordifolia
  • Daruka – Himalayan cedar (bark) – Cedrus deodara
  • Haridra – Turmeric rhizome – Curcuma longa
  • Ativisha – Aconitum heterophyllum
  • Darvi – Tree Turmeric (stem) – Berberis aristata
  • Pippalimoola – Long pepper root – Piper longum
  • Chitraka – Lead Wort (root) – Plumbago zeylanica
  • Dhanyaka – Coriander – Coriandrum sativum
  • Haritaki – Chebulic Myrobalan fruit rind – Terminalia chebula
  • Vibhitaki – Belliric Myrobalan fruit rind – Terminalia bellirica
  • Amalaki – Indian gooseberry fruit – Emblica officinalis Gaertn.
  • Chavya – Java Long Pepper – Piper chaba
  • Vidanga – False black pepper – Embelia ribes
  • Gajapippali – Java Long Pepper (fruit) – Piper chaba
  • Shunti – Ginger Rhizome – Zingiber officinalis
  • Maricha – Black pepper – Piper nigrum
  • Pippali – Long pepper fruit – Piper longum
  • Makshika Dhatu Bhasma – Purified Copper Iron Sulphate
  • Yava Kshara – Kshara of Barley – Hordeum vulgare
  • Swarjika Kshara
  • Saindhava Lavana – Rock salt
  • Sauvarchala Lavana – Sochal salt
  • Vida Lavana – Vida salt
  • Trivrit – Operculina turpethum
  • Danti – Baliospermum montanum
  • Patra – Cinnamomum tamala
  • Twak – Cinnamon – Cinnamomum zeylanicum
  • Ela – Cardamom – Elettaria cardamomum
  • Vamshalochana – Bambusa bamboo
  • Loha Bhasma – Iron Bhasma
  • Sita – Sugar
  • Shilajatu – Asphaltum
  • Guggulu – Indian bedelium – Commiphora mukul

The dosage of Chandraprabha Vati - 500 mg to 1 gm twice a day before or after a meal with lukewarm water or milk.

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6. Divya Madhunashini Vati (Divya Pharmacy) - Divya Madhunashini Vati is a polyherbal formulation manufactured by Swami Ramdev's organisation Divya Pharmacy (also branded as Patanjali). It is available in tablet form in blister packing of 30 tablets in a strip and 120 tablets of 4 strips in a box. I found it very useful in type 2 diabetic condition. It lowers down increased blood sugar level and also correct digestion. This medicine also checks and corrects problems associated with diabetes like neuropathy (numbness and tingling sensation), diabetic carbuncles and sexual weakness. I mentioned it first in all patent best Ayurvedic medicine for diabetes due to its efficacy, availability and less price.

divya madhunashini vati

Ingredients of Divya Madhunashini Vati - 

  • Giloy - Tinospora cordifolia
  • Saptrangi - Salacia chinensis
  • Neem - Azadirachta indica
  • Chirayta - Swertia chirata
  • Kutaj - Holarrhena antidysenterica
  • Gudmar - Gymnema sylvestre
  • Ashwagandha - Withania somnifera
  • Gokhrudana - Tribulus terrestris
  • Choti Harad - Terminalia chebula
  • Baheda - Terminalia belerica
  • Amla - Emblica officinalis
  • Kachur - Curcuma zedoaria
  • Bel - Aegle marmelos
  • Batjata - Ficus bengalensis
  • Vasa - Adhatoda vasica
  • Haldi - Curcuma longa
  • KikarPhali - Acacia Arabica
  • Shudha Kuchala - Strychnos nux-vomica
  • Kali Jiri - Centratherum anthelminticum
  • Kutki - Picrorhiza kurroa
  • Jamun Guthali - Syzygium cuninii
  • Methi - Trigonella foenum-graecum
  • Shilajeet - Asphaltum

The dosage of Divya Madhu Nashini Vati - 1 to 2 tablets twice a day 1 hour before breakfast and dinner.

Price (MRP) - INR 190 /- for 120 Tablets.

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7. Amree Plus (Aimil Pharmaceuticals) - Amree Plus is one of the best Ayurvedic medicine for diabetes available in tablet, capsule and granules form. I used all forms in my patients and found equally effective and best Ayurvedic medicine for diabetes. Aimil pharmaceutically is well known for its research-based proprietary Ayurvedic medicines. Some of the Indian government projects related to Ayurvedic research and medicine manufacturing are running in collaboration with Aimil Pharmaceutical. Amree Plus activates the islets of Langerhans of the pancreas, exerts insulin mimic effect, activate the liver, protects nephrons and shows antioxidant effects.

amree plus

Ingredients of Amree Plus - 

Gymnema sylvestre
1000 mg
Momordica charantia
600 mg
Neem Patr
Azadirachta indica
500 mg
Tinospora cordifolia
400 mg
Bilva Patra
Aegle marmelos
340 mg
Curcuma longa
300 mg
Pongamia pinnata
200 mg
Kundru (Bimbi)
Coccinia indica
200 mg
Ipomoea turpethum
200 mg
Eugenia jambos
200 mg
Mucuna pruriens
200 mg
Tribulus terrestris
200 mg
Ficus glomerata
200 mg
Nigella sativa
100 mg
Boerhaavia diffusa
100 mg
Eclipta alba
100 mg
Andrographis paniculata
100 mg
Phyllanthus niruri
100 mg
Sitaphal Beej (Pumpkin seeds)
Cucurbita pepo
100 mg
Emblica officinalis
100 mg
Linum usitatissimum
100 mg
Sunflower Seeds
Helianthes anus
100 mg
Asparagus racemosus
50 mg
Bidari Kand
Pueraria tuberosa
50 mg
Safed Musli
Asparagus adscendens
50 mg
Palash pushpa
Butea monosperma
50 mg
Ocimum sanctum
40 mg
Withania somnifera
40 mg
Aq. extract derived from (Infusion)
Pterocarpus marsupium
600 mg
Paneer Dodi
Withania coagulans
500 mg
Apium graveolens
50 mg
Kali jeeri
Centratherum anthelminticum
150 mg
Methi Beej
Trigonella foenum graecum
150 mg
Holarrhena antidysenterica
60 mg
Kali Mirch
Piper nigrum
50 mg.
Picrorrhiza kurroa
20 mg
Sudh Shilajeet (RTS-I)
Purified Black bitumen
20 mg
Yashad Bhasam (AFI)
Ay. Compound formulation
15 mg
Mukta Shukti Bhasam (AFI)
Ay. Compound formulation
10 mg
Syzygium aromaticum
5 mg
Alsi Tail
Linum usitatissimum
2 mg
Ankurit Genhu Tail
Wheat Germ Oil
2 mg
Badam Tail
Almond Oil
2 mg
Processed in the decoction of Triphala (An equi. mix of E.offiinalis, T.belerica, T.chebula.), Palak (Spinasia oleracea), Tejpatr (Cinnamomom tamala), Sharpunkha (Tephrosia purpurea), Kalaunji (Nigella sativa), Sadabahar (Catharanthus roseus) , Tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum), Inderjav(Holarrhina antidysenterica), Vijaysaar (Pterocarpus marsupium), Giloe (Tinospora cordifolia), Gular (), Karela (Momordica charantia), Paneer Dodi (Withania coagulans), Sunthi (Zinziber officinale), Jamun giri (Syzigium jambos), Gudmar (Gymnema sylvestre), Garlic (Allium sativum), Mulak(Raphanus sativus) & Ghrit Kumari (Aloe vera)

The dosage of Amree Plus - Tablet - 1 to 2 tablet twice or thrice a day 1 hour before a meal. Granules - 2 to 5 grams twice or thrice a day 1 hour before a meal.

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8. Madhumeha Kusumakara Rasa (Sri Dhootapapeshwar Ltd) - Madhumeha kusumakara Rasa is poly herbo mineral Ayurvedic medicine indicated for diabetes and its complications. It is found to be very effective in lowering blood sugar level, diabetic neuropathy and nephropathy. It contains Vasanta kusumakara rasa described above which is very good as anti-diabetic and Rasayana (rejuvenation therapy). Due to its multi-system action, it is one of the best Ayurvedic medicine for diabetes. It is available in 30 tablet blister packing.

madhumeha kusumakara rasa

Ingredients of Madhumeha Kusumakara Rasa - 

Each tablet contains -

  • Vasant Kusumakar Rasa 10 mg
  • Mamejjaka Ghana 30 mg
  • Haridra 50 mg, Amalaki 50 mg
  • Guduchi 50 mg
  • Shuddha Shilajatu 40 mg
  • Yashada Bhasma 5 mg
  • Processed in Bilva Patra Swarasa, Asana Kwath q.s.

The dosage of Madhumeha Kusumakara Rasa - 1 to 2 tablets twice a day with lukewarm water or cow's ghee 1 hour before a meal.

9. Baidyanath Madhumehari Granules - A product from India's one of the largest manufacturer of Ayurvedic medicines is one of the best ayurvedic medicine for diabetes. It is a polyherbal medicine available in granule form. It is indicated in increased blood sugar level, polyuria, dryness of mouth and other post diabetic complications.


Ingredients of Madhumehari Granules - 

  • Gudmar
  • Methi
  • Jamun Guthali
  • Karela
  • Kalmegh
  • Ghan
  • Kala Jeera
  • Giloy
  • Haldi
  • Vijaysar
  • Vat
  • Kutki
  • Bilva
  • Patra
  • Gular Phal
  • Neem Patra
  • Babool Gond
  • Tejpatta
  • Shodhit Shiljeet
  • Yashad Bhasma
  • Vang Bhasma

The dosage of Madhumehari Granules - 5 to 10 gm twice a day 1 hour before a meal with lukewarm water or milk.

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10. BGR- 34 (Aimil Pharmaceutical) -BGR-34 is latest formulated one of the best Ayurvedic medicine for diabetes jointly developed by the scientist of CSIR-NBRI & CSIR-CIMAP. It is effective in managing increased blood sugar level and associated symptoms like polyuria, weakness, dryness of mouth etc.


Ingredients of BGR- 34 - 

Daruharidra - Improves health & functioning of the pancreas, naturally.
Vijaysar - Rich in flavonoids, strengthens the cells and help maintain normal blood glucose level.
Giloy - A unique herb to improve immunity. Helps improve resistance to infections.
Majeeth - Powerful anti-oxidant activity. Helps protect vital organs from oxidative damage.
Methika - One of the best sources of Micro-nutrients. Nourishes &tones the vital organs.
Gudmar - Maintains post-prandial blood glucose level by delaying glucose absorption.

The dosage of BGR-34 - 2 tablets twice a day 30 minutes before a meal with lukewarm water.

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SUMMARY- Diabetes is a metabolic disorder related to endocrine system. It is effectively and best controlled by allopathic medicines. But only maintaining blood sugar level under control is not the solution. A diabetic patient has many problems which persist even when sugar level is under control by allopathic medicines. And here the need of Ayurvedic medicines comes into the picture. All the above mentioned best ayurvedic medicine for diabetes are clinically tested and used by many patients in India and abroad.

If this article helped you in any way, please do not forget to write a comment below. If you have tried any Ayurvedic medicine for diabetes and found that very effective then please let us know. Wish you all a healthy life.

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