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Fever with Convulsion

Commonest causes of fever with convulsions are:

  1. In children febrile convulsions.
  2. Epilepsy- fever may be the associated symptom.
  3. Meningitis.
  4. Hysterical fit- fever may be the associated symptom.

Make the clothes lose. Turn head to one side, put mouth gag so that patient’s tongue may not be bitten. Clear the airway. Following Ayurvedic medicines are suggested for fever with convulsions-



Brihat Vata Chintamani Ras: 1 tab (125 mg) 1 tab with honey or lukewarm water once or twice daily empty stomach.
2. Giloy Sat: 5 gm

Godanti Bhasm: 10 gm

Prawal Pishti: 5 gm

Mukta Pishti: 2 gm

Sarvajwarahar Louh: 5 gm

Mix all of these medicinal combinations and make 21 parts. Take 1 part three times a day with honey or lukewarm water empty stomach.
3. Mahasudarshan Vati- 500 mg

Nardiya Laxmivilas Ras- 250 mg

Brahmi Vati- 500 mg

Twice daily with honey or water after meal.


4. Saraswatarishta Mix 15 ml with 15 ml of water and take it twice daily after meal.