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Otitis Externa (Karna Shotha)

Following Ayurvedic medicines are suggested for otitis externa-

1.Ras Manikya: 2 gm

Tal Sindur: 1 gm

Gandhak Rasayan: 5 gm

Giloy Sat: 5 gm

Prawal Pishti: 5 gm

Punarnavadi Mandur: 10 gm


Mix all of these medicinal combinations and make 30 parts. Take 1 part twice daily with honey or water empty stomach.
2.Aarogyavardhini Vati- 250 mg

Sarivadi Vati- 250 mg

Chandraprabha Vati- 500 mg

Take twice daily with water after meal.
3.Bilwa Tail2 drops in both ear twice a day.



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