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Paralysis (Pakshaghata)

Following Ayurvedic medicines are suggested for paralysis, hemiplagia, facial paralysis, Bell’s palsy-

1.Giloy Sat: 10 gm

Mukta Pishti: 2 gm

Prawal Pishti: 10 gm

Brihat vat chintamani Ras: 1 gm

Sameer pannag Ras: 5 gm

Ekangveer Ras: 10 gm


Mix all of these medicinal combinations and make 45 parts. Take 1 part twice daily with honey or lukewarm water empty stomach.
2.Trayodashang Gugul- 500 mg

Chandraprabha Vati- 500 mg

Take twice daily with water after meal.
3.Dashmoolarishta- 10 ml

Ashwagandharishta- 10 ml

Mix both with 20ml of water and take twice daily after meal.
4.Ashwagandhadi Ghritam or Kalyanaka Ghritam10 gm at bedtime with milk.
4.Dashmool Tail2- 4 drops for nasya (nasal administration).
5.Erand Tail5- 10 ml with lukewarm milk at bedtime.
6.Mahavishgarbh Tail- 50 ml

Mahalaxadi Tail- 50 ml

Mahanarayan Tail- 50 ml

Mahamasha Tail- 50 ml

Mix these oils and massage gently once or twice daily. The direction of massage should be towards heart i.e. from finger to shoulder, from toe to hip.