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With a team of experienced professionals from the field of Ayurveda, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, management and IT; we are committed to offer all time quality services.

Wellness Store

Shop from a wide range of proprietory Ayurveda health care products, natural supplements, disease-specific treatment packages (combo packages), Ayurvedic classical medicines (wholesale pack) and many more...

Online consultation

Consulting an experienced Ayurveda doctor is no more a tough task now. You can share your health issues privately and get Ayurveda solution with an ease.

PCD Pharma Franchise

A great opportunity to start earning with a minimum investment. With a wide range of quality Ayurveda products, Ayurvite Wellness is best option to opt for PCD pharma franchise.

3rd Party Manufacturing

Starting your own pharma company is now a very easy task. With a minimum order quantity and best quality products, we support you to start your own marketed by company.

Training/ Courses

We offer various training programs to enhance your skills and knowledge in the field of Ayurveda and wellness sector. Ayurveda therapist training programs, reorientation training programs for doctors etc are a few of them.

Ayur Guides

A one stop platform to find answers of all your queries related to Ayurveda. With a well structured knowledgebase of Ayurvedic medicines, diseases, Ayurvedic treatment, medicinal plants etc. you would love to learn Ayurveda.

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